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About Us

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The Leading Home Textile
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Cotton Net Textile standing today as a respected name in the field of Home Textile Sourcing & Inspection Organization as well as Commercial Exporter in Pakistan with well trained, experienced, and market oriented experts to handle your requirements in a professional way to produce quality products as per your requirement smoothly and hostility free.

We are continuing to serve our customers in the evolving textile industry, We ourselves change to better serve all of our customers across the globe. What does not change is our commitment to services, quality, and business ethics, resulting in satisfied customers, the best achievement-oriented team, and sustainable growth. Our credibility is the trust our customers have in us.

Our mission is to keep up to date our customers with real-time complete information covering all areas including sourcing, certifications, product development, shipments, market updated situations, and the documentation, etc so our customers can be systemized with their onward planning accurately.

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COTTON NET is not only a buying house/Sourcing & Inspection Organization but is a complete solution provider for its customers. We operate the company in a very systematic and organized way; we have a team of young professional people who have hands on experience of their relevant fields.

We have different departments in our Sourcing & Inspection company which are as follows,

Sourcing dept
Quality Control dept
Product Development dept
Merchandising dept
Packaging dept
Logistic dept

All these departments. are handled by well experienced people who provide our customers first hand information anytime and also keep them updated with the latest situation.

To give you an idea about our sourcing system when we receive any enquiry we provide our customers price quotes from four to five different suppliers so that they should also have options. If the prices are on higher side we suggest different options how to make it workable keeping in view their use.

We have a range of different suppliers depending upon the product range and quality requirement, e.g. we have a different supplier base for Power loom/ Auto Loom fabrics and a different class of suppliers for T 200 to T 400 and then another section for qualities like T 500 and T 1000.

COTTON NET Textile are your eyes and ears and keep you posted on regular basis with any sort of information (good or bad). COTTON NET strength is its technical supports which are provided to its customers in terms of new Product Developments and also providing options and practical solutions in yarns, weaving, designing, dyeing and finishing to make a product more price competitive. We work very closely with our suppliers and partner companies to find something new and make the existing products more workable. We have a complete team of quality Control who are on top of our orders not daily but hourly basis and monitoring the Lab dips, strike offs, pre-production samples and the actual production during every single step to avoid any surprises at the time of final audit.

It is COTTON NET responsibility to check and approve all sorts of accessories and packaging to avoid any delays as it is the most critical part of the order which normally cause delays, to expedite the packaging approvals our team is in direct contact with customers, mills and the printers as well to avoid reprinting of packaging.

Next come our Logistics dept who are responsible to provide you all sorts of documents starting from the packing list, custom invoices, origin certificates, BL and track down your shipments until they are your doorstep.