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We link our clients to select network of suppliers that are known to produce goods of imperial quality in a sustainable way and help them at every stage of the sourcing process from design through to delivery.

Product Design, Sampling & Sourcing

  • Facilitate discussion with buyer/vendor for product design & development
  • Getting Requisite design approvals.
  • Vendor Selection based on capacity & capability.
  • Sample development at right quality and within agreed timeline.
  • Price negotiation with vendors.
  • Production Planning & Control.

Quality Assurance & Monitoring

  • Sample quality approval (Development, Quotation & Counter).
  • Raw material inspection.
  • Production monitoring.
  • Inline Midline/Final inspections & reporting.

Shipping & Documentation

  • Packaging designing & approval as per standard.
  • Assistance in preparation of goods dispatch plan.
  • Shipment consolidation plan.
  • Coordinate with shipping company & buyer.
  • Follow-up, as needed.

Auditing & Compliance

  • Ethical Audit (Labour Practices / Wages / Working Hours / Child Labour etc).
  • Manufacturing Audit (Capacity & Capability / Workflow / Quality Systems etc)
  • Environmental Audit (Legal Requirements & Risk Assessment / Waste Management System etc).